'The Medium' - University of Toronto Opera 2015
lamp shades in process- soldering copper frames
lamp shades in process- covering with styrene and fabric
lamp shades on set

'POSTCARD FROM MOROCCO' - University of Toronto Opera 2015
Printer box in process
printer box in process
finished printer box on set
painted by Steve Mazza

'Hansel and Gretel' - University of Toronto Opera 2010
oversized foam cookie windows in process
Oversized jelly cookies to double as windows with red lighting gel centers
2' foam chocolate chip cookies
oversized foam icecream
2' foam sugar cookies 
cookie shingle roof layout in process
2' foam cookies in process
'Grease' at The Grand Theatre 2009 High School Project
golf cart turned into the Grease car (made with high school students)
grease cars for the drive-in (made with high school students)
'Little Prince' The Grand Theatre 2010
props for a creative design by Robin Fisher!
'DryStreak' The Grand Theatre 2010
stake and pie
'Enchanted Forest' Patria Music Productions 2006
oversized stump for singer 'stump' to fit into and an accordian player to fit into inside!
stump in process in Haliburton forest
Stump in process in Haliburton forest
white stag mask
8 Letter 'F' mascots- National Fugi Campaign 2007 
mascot frame build in process
mascot covering in process
mascots in Vancouver performing

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